About the Artist

Illustrating Richard Young’s Chronology of Desire has been a great adventure. I enjoyed reconnecting with Richard, who is an influential figure from my past. The process of collaboration added a fascinating level of challenge. This project makes me wonder about my current students (4th graders) and speculate about whom I might be able to collaborate with in the future.

I have known Richard for over 25 years. I initially knew him as a professor during the time I was studying for my master’s degree in Applied English Linguistics. At that time I knew him as an insightful teacher. I learned much about language acquisition, and along the way picked up a few bits and pieces of his biography. Richard knew me as a student of linguistics, but also noticed that I was an emerging artist.

When Richard approached me about illustrating his Chronology of Desire, I took up the challenge and plunged into drawing images for the book. This project was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with Richard. Our previous relationship provided the trust needed to collaborate. We met weekly to discuss his poetry and my images. Our conversations were always lively and improved the final product. I enjoyed learning about the parts of Richard’s life journey which were unknown to me. Some passages in his life reminded me of my own. I was grateful for the esteem which he showed towards my work.